Saturday, January 24, 2015

37 Things

I am totally stealing this idea from another blogger I read a couple weeks ago!

37 Things About Me On My 37th Birthday

  1. I remember when 40 sounded SO OLD.  Ha.
  2.  I've been happily married for over 12 years.
  3. I'm a proud mama of two boys, ages seven and three.
  4. I always knew I wanted to be married for five years before having my first baby, and I also wanted to have my first baby before I turned thirty.  After a few years of being married I did the math, and realized that only gave me a window of three months!
  5. Our first son was born one month and one day into that three month window.
  6. When I was pregnant my biggest craving was for sour cream and onion Pringles.
  7. My parents lived in Italy for a number of years before I was born, and I grew up hearing stories about their adventures there, many of which revolved around their favorite pizza place.
  8. In 2006 (before kids), my parents, husband and I took a trip to Italy, which included spending a day in the town where they had lived (very near Venice), and we had lunch at their pizza place. My parents were thrilled that it was still there!
  9. Summer 2013 I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine, and attended a New Kids on the Block concert.  You would think that after a couple decades of anticipation, there is no way it could live up to my expectations, but it did.  I had an amazing time.
  10. While in college my love of boy bands was reignited, and I went to many, many concerts.  I used my younger cousin as a cover ("I'm taking her to see . . ." *N Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, etc . . .)  I confess, I enjoyed them all.
  11. I spent the summer of 2000 working at Walt Disney World in the Animal Kingdom.  I hated my job (renting out strollers and working at a couple gift shops near the entrance), and spent way more money that summer than I made, but it was also one of the best summers of my life.  I played in the parks for free all summer, had a blast living with 2000 other college students, and met awesome people who are still my friends to this day.
  12. My favorite ride at Disney World is the Tower of Terror.
  13. It rained almost every day that summer, and one of our favorite things to do after a warm rain was go puddle jumping.
  14. I've been to Disney World three different years, Tokyo Disneyland two different years, but have never made it to Disneyland in California, even though it's only a state away.
  15. I am slightly obsessed with musical theater, and have had season tickets for several years to the "Broadway Across America" series. 
  16. I saw the Dirty Dancing musical just last week.  (And I loved it!)
  17. My favorite place to vacation is NYC, where I cram as many Broadway shows as possible into the days that we are there.
  18. The last time we were in NYC we went to a filming of Jimmy Fallon's talk show, and when he came out into the audience at the end of the show he gave me high-five.
  19. My husband was visible on TV in the audience shots, but I, sitting right next to him, was out of frame.
  20. I spent several months studying in France while I was in college.
  21. Sometimes I conjugate French verbs in my head, just to see if I still can.  I have forgotten sooo much.
  22. While living in France I spent a long weekend in London and saw the Queen of England in person two days in a row. Both were totally accidental.  (At a parade and a red carpet movie premiere.)
  23. On our first night in London, the hostel my friends and I were staying at caught on fire.  We ended that night by sleeping in the booths at a bar down the street.
  24. I love Chinese food.  Love.  And am the only person in my family who will even attempt eating with chopsticks.
  25. In 2005, both American Dreams and Joan of Arcadia were canceled after having cliffhanger season finales.  Two of my favorite shows ever.  I'm still holding a grudge.
  26. I love audiobooks.  I listen to them all the time, and average more than a book a week.
  27. One of my favorite books when I was a kid was The Boxcar Children.  I've been reading it to my oldest this week, and he really likes it, which makes me happy.
  28. I can't wait until my oldest is old enough to read the Harry Potter series.
  29. I'm a sucker for some reality shows, especially DWTS, the Bachelor and Big Brother.  I know!  But I can't help myself.
  30. I love Skip-Bo, and play it with my boys all the time.  Even my 3yo is a Skip-Bo-pro.
  31. Most Friday nights when we are all home we get a pizza and have a family movie night.
  32. I caught the eBay bug after reading a guest post by (the now defunct) Yard Sale Mommy on the Money Saving Mom blog.
  33. When looking at houses to buy in 2013, I knew we had found the right one the moment I walked into the big storage room downstairs.  I have no idea what the previous owners used it for, but it is perfect for my needs.
  34. I don't consider myself to be particularly domestic, but during the summer when cukes are in season I make my own pickles.  They are delicious.
  35. I love watching gymnastics competitions on TV, and become a bit obsessed during the summer Olympics. 
  36. I have a retirement dream of being able to travel each year to the national gymnastics championships to watch them and do some sightseeing wherever they may be.
  37. I very recently started a new blog, about life, money, budgeting (non-eBay) stuff: I've only posted one time so far, but have a bunch more posts in mind . . . if I can ever come up with the password I so cleverly set for myself.

  38. If you're still reading, you're amazing!  That was a lot to get through.  :-)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Favorite Five Friday ~ January 23, 2015

I'm resurrecting a post I used to share of my favorite five sales of the week - with intentions (but not promises) of sharing on future Fridays as well.  

Here are my five favorite sales from the last week(ish):

I've sold three different lots of Jake PVC toys recently (one just before Christmas, two in the last week or so).

Jake & the Neverland Pirates PVC Toy Lot
Paid: $2 @ consignment sale, Sold: $19.95 (listed since Nov)

I thought this outfit was so darn cute!

Paid: $1ish @ ys, Sold: $24.95 (listed since July)

I bought a LOT of costumes at several different stores after Halloween, all at 90% off.  They aren't flying out the door, but I sell a few every month.

Shark Costume
Paid: $1.99 @ Wal-Mart, Sold: $24.95 (listed since Nov)

I knew this was a winner as soon as I saw it.  A cow and "busy bee" seem like a random combination, and I figured there couldn't be too many out there like this.

Circo Cow Lovey
Paid: $4 @ consignment store, Sold: $39.95 (in less than a day)

I picked up this Lego set as a birthday gift for a son of some close friends of ours two years ago.  For some reason we ended up not making it to the party (sick kid maybe?), so it's been hanging around, wrapped, for the last two years.  This year when the same kid's birthday rolled around I pulled out this gift thinking we'd give it to him, but something in the back of my mind made me think I should look it up to see if the value had increased.  (We did make it to the birthday party this year, but took a different gift.)

Iron Man Lego Set (brand new)
Paid: $15ish? @ Fred Meyer?, Sold: $74.95 (one day later)

Monday, January 19, 2015

BOLO: Angry Birds Mighty Eagle

Holy cow!  I never would have guessed this would be worth so much.  (And no, darn it, I didn't actually find one, just came across it while looking something else up.)

Check out completeds HERE.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ouch! My brain hurts. (A possible blog migration.)

A belated Merry Christmas to all!

I could use some help and/or advice from some of my brilliant fellow bloggers.  I just spent the last couple hours trying to set up a Wordpress blog, and I am in so far over my head.  I keep trying to look at tutorials online, but most are for (where I would drown for sure), instead I am trying to make work for me.  Does anyone know of an online tutuorial that helps one migrate their blog from Blogspot to  Also, can any Wordpress users out there tell me what upgrades might be worth paying for?  The only one I plan to use for sure right now is domain mapping.  Has anyone tried to migrate their blog before?  How time intensive was it?  Would it be worth hiring someone to take care of all the hassle for me?

Many thanks in advance for any insight you may have!  And my apologies if I sound like I don't know what in the heck I'm talking about - because I don't!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

BOLO: Super Why

I've mentioned this one before, right?  I thought for sure I had, but I just did a quick search of my blog and am not finding it anywhere.  Super Why is a cartoon shown on PBS.  Both figures below are about 6" tall, jointed, and show some normal wear from past play (which I of course included in the description).  I found them both at Value Village about a week apart, and both sold separately in less than a day.

Alpha Pig
Paid: $1.49, Sold: $29.95 (in less than a day)
Paid: $2.10, Sold: $29.95 (in less than a day)

Check out other Super Why completeds HERE.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

'Tis the season . . . to avoid the Post Office!

'Tis the season . . . that I want to avoid the Post Office at all costs.  It's not too far out of my way, so on a normal day I stop by the Post Office once to drop off packages, usually around 3:15 after picking my oldest up from school.  This gives me an hour of leeway (weekday last call for packages is 4:15 p.m.), and also allows me to get anything purchased in the morning ready and shipped out the same day, which buyers love. 



The Post Office in December is no joke, and it's already started.  On many December days I *try* to pull into the PO parking lot, but traffic is backed up out of the parking lot and into the road because cars are lined up waiting for a parking space in the too-small lot.  And I not only have to contend with finding parking, all the other customers, and the potentially bulky packages I am transporting, but also have both of my boys in tow. 

So, the obvious answer is -------> have the PO pick up my packages!


But.  In the summer it's stinkin' hot, and I don't feel comfortable leaving packages out in the heat.  And right now it's either (literally) freezing cold, or raining buckets.  So leaving packages outside for pick-up doesn't seem like an option.

Do you use carrier pick-up?  What do you do?  Keep your packages inside and have the postal person ring your bell?  (I've done that a few times and it's worked okay, but I feel that I hover by the front door afraid I will miss them, and am not as productive with my day as I normally would be.)

Or?  If you have a system you use that works well for you I'd love to hear about it!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

BOLO ~ Santa & His Reindeer Collection (Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments)

We decorated our Christmas tree this evening, and as my husband pulled out this set of ornaments he wondered aloud how much they would sell for online.  Wahaha.  (That's my best approximation of an evil laugh.)  He's not at all an eBayer, but I'm totally rubbing off on him!  

We wouldn't actually sell our set.  They were passed on to us by my inlaws years ago, and they were favorites of my husband when he was younger.  We like seeing them on our tree every year.  It is a set of five ornaments that all hook together, four ornaments have two reindeer each, and the last has Santa in his sleigh.  

Of course, after he asked I had to look up how much they are worth.  The set can go for over $50, and I'm guessing at this time of year they might go even higher.  You can see some completeds HERE.