Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Question: What is your de-linting, de-pilling, de-fuzzing magic trick?

Has anyone used a sweater stone before?  I remember reading (somewhere, months ago) that they work really well for removing pilling/lint, etc, and at the time I saved it to my Amazon wish list.  Fast forward several months, and I have listed a bunch of different lots of fleece footy PJs (almost all of which have sold within the first two or three weeks, yay!).  A few are a bit pilly, which I did note in the description, but I started wondering what I could do about it.  Thus, I went back and found where I had saved the sweater stone on my Amazon wish list and read some reviews.  And - the reviews were mixed.  Some people say it's the best thing ever, and works like a charm!  Others say it's crumbly and a bit messy and not worth the hassle.  So I'm looking for a review or two (or more) of people I "know" who may have used a sweater stone.  Good, bad?  And are they really just for sweaters, or could they be used on other things?  Is anyone in the know?

Scotch packing tape used to be my go-to de-linting solution, but I am now trying to be a better steward of my tape resources (still running low, waiting for a good sale to stock up).  Because I didn't plan ahead and needed something for de-pilling ASAP I went to a regular store looking for a sweater stone, with no luck.  I did end up buying the fabric shaver below, and while not perfect it does work remarkably well.  I'm trying to decide if I should just stick with it, or give the sweater stone a whirl. (TIP: When looking for these items in an actual store, try the laundry section where they sell irons, ironing boards, etc.  I tried the fabric/crafting section first and had zero luck.)

Or, if you have another de-linting, de-fuzzing, de-pilling solution, please share!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

BOLO ~ Dormouse (Alice in Wonderland) Plush

Dormouse (Alice in Wonderland) 7" Bean Bag Plush
Paid: $0.99 @ VV, Sold: $29.95 (in about an hour)

I have been doing almost no thrifting lately, but I was able to attend the local eBay Meet-Up group on Monday night, and it's just around the corner from Value Village, so . . . you do the math.

I found the above Alice in Wonderland plush for 99 cents.  I looked it up and was happy to find it sells for a decent amount (completeds HERE), and even better, that there weren't any currently listed.  I listed mine on Wednesday morning, priced a bit higher than other used items had sold for, but I guess I should have gone even higher because it sold in about an hour!

I was feeling pretty good about the sale, and was getting it ready to ship when I noticed that it was going all the way . . . . across town.  This happens about once a year, and it's weird every time, but for some reason this time I was feeling a tad guilty.  I am a firm believer that as resellers we provide an excellent service to people, helping them find treasures they can't find elsewhere at prices they are willing to pay.  But in this case the buyer could have literally walked into Value Village a couple minutes before me and found the same item.  It was just weird.

But, this feedback shows the buyer was obviously happy with their purchase, so I'm over it.  :-)

Positive feedback ratingThank you so much!!! Super Fast Shipping, Awesome Communication! Fantastic! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Bloggy Friend Thank You!

A few weeks ago Margaret @ Live Like No One Else posted about how she saved some money by checking prices on both and in the store.  Which is great advice!

My oldest turns 7 today (!!!).  We had a party for him last weekend, and he ended up with some serious birthday money.  He and my husband wandered the Wal-Mart Lego aisle, and decided he would use all of his money on one big Star Wars Lego set he's been wanting that comes with a whopping $90 price tag!  I'm w-a-y too cheap to buy a gift like that (even for my own kid), which I guess is why he had to buy it for himself.  Anyway, I had this niggling memory of her blog post of finding a cheaper price online vs. the store.  I looked up the Lego set on my phone, and whaddya know, the online price was $75!  Still a lot, but a decent discount.  I found a couple employees talking together, and they both agreed that they couldn't price match their own website (which I think is kind of crazy, but whatever), so we ended up ordering the SW lego set online, and he was able to get a second smaller superhero Lego set as well for his $90.

Ordering it online was a win/win/win for me.  Lower price, delivered to our home, and I get all of the packaging materials to reuse in the future (like my free gift with purchase!)  I'm not the only one who can get as excited about the packaging of my orders as I am about the actual items I receive, am I?

Also, as you're shopping online don't forget to make your purchases via Swagbucks to earn some additional points.  I love getting rewarded for things I would be doing anyway.  I got a couple hundred points from the purchase, just one more bonus in this whole scenario.
So, thank you, Margaret, for the tip.  It worked out great for us!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Goals

So, I fell really short of my October listing goal.  I had hoped to get 200 new listings up, but I barely made it half way to that goal.  I ended up getting sick at the beginning of the month, and did no new listing for about a week.  (And a month later my cough is STILL hanging on!  Enough already.)  I lost a lot of momentum that week, and while I had finally gotten back up to speed by the end of October, there was no regaining all of that lost ground.  I think it would have been a stretch anyway, but if I had been listing that week and saw the goal as possibly attainable, I probably would have worked harder at the end of the month too, trying to reach it.  As it was, I knew I wouldn't get there, so while I was still listing, I didn't push as hard as I could/should have.

Sales were pretty good though.  My new goal is to average $100 in sales each day.  Some days I met that goal and more, some days I fell short.  I wasn't able to maintain that average for the whole month (that week off took its toll) but I am thinking November may be my month!

For listing too.  I'm keeping my goal the same for November - 200 new listings.  Tis the season, and I can't sell it if it's not listed, right?

 I am also creating a Craigslist ticker this month. I don't buy items to resell on Craigslist, but we have a number of items in our garage that have been languishing out there since we moved in . . . over a year ago.  I want to get the garage all cleaned out before the cold weather sets in, so we can actually park both of our cars in there (imagine that!) so I am setting a goal of listing 30 things on CL. 

For some reason the tickers aren't posting correctly, and the links have to be clicked instead of just showing up in the blog post.  Here's hoping they magically fix themselves, like they sometimes do.

Most of my favorite sales in October were Halloween-related, but below are a few that weren't.
Over the summer I picked up a bunch of sleep sacks and footie pajamas, and this last week I've gotten them all listed.  I probably listed 10 or more different lots, and paid around $0.25 - $1.00 per item.

Carter's Girls Sleep Sack Lot
Paid: approx. $6 @ misc yard sales, Sold: $34.95 (within a few days)

 Either someone reaaaally loves Looney Tunes,
or reaaaally loves someone who loves Looney Tunes,
because $25 is a lot of money to pay for a roll of wrapping paper.

Looney Tunes Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll
Paid: $1 @ ys, Sold: $24.95 (one month later)

This pillow came with a  sweet story
that I'll share in my next "customer stories" post.

VTG Cut & Sew Beagle Pillow
Paid: $0.99 @ GW, BO Accepted: $30 (5 months later)

 And I can't leave out maternity clothes.  One of my most consistent sellers.

Motherhood Maternity Winter Coat
Paid: $12 @ consignment sale, Sold: $64.95 (less than a day later)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Question: What kind of packing tape do you prefer?

I've almost run out of packing tape!  Not good in this line of work.  It's been ages since I've even thought about it because I had my favorite Scotch packing tape (as shown above) on "Subscribe & Save" via Amazon, and I would automatically get a box of tape shipped to me each month.  Easy peasy.  I love the Scotch packing tape because it's nice and thick, the smaller rolls are easy to use and don't get all tangled up on themselves.  But, the price has been inching up, so I've skipped my last two shipments, and the small surplus I had stored up is gone.  I thought I'd take an informal survey and find out what brands other people like.  Maybe it's time for me to switch things up.  I've tried a few other brands (including Duck and the generic Office Depot brands) but they seem thinner and more cheaply made, which makes them more difficult to use, and the extra aggravation isn't worth the amount saved. 

Please share! 
What is your favorite packing tape? 
What's your "buy" price? 
And where do you find it? 
Many thanks!

And Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Costumes !!!

I was going to save this post for closer to Halloween, but I got it done early, and the Halloween costume selling window is coming to a close.  Below are *some* of my costume sales for this Halloween season, excluding accessories, Halloween themed clothing, d├ęcor, etc. 
Costumes are one of my very favorite things to sell!

Alligator Costume
Paid: $0.50, Sold: $17.95

Policeman Baby Costume
Paid: $2ish @ OUAC, Sold: $19.95

Old Navy Dragon Costume
Paid: $1 @ ys, Sold: $17.95

Old Navy Lion Costume
Paid:  $7 @ consignment sale, Sold: $34.95
Old Navy Pirate Costume
Paid: $12 @ consignment store, Sold: $39.95
Old Navy Baby Cheeseburger Costume
Paid: $5 @ OUAC, Sold: $49.95
Carter's Fireman Costume
Paid: $2 @ ys, Sold: $24.95
Baby Gap Black Cat Costume
Paid: $2ish @ ys, Sold: $24.95
Tom Arma Beaver Costume
Paid: $5 @ ys, Best Offer Accepted: $40
Thomas the Tank Engine costume lot
Paid: approx. $5 @ ys/VV, Best Offer Accepted: $44
Minnie Mouse Costume
Paid: $5ish Halloween clearance last year, Best Offer Accepted: $22

Mike Wazowski Candy Catcher Costume
Paid: $3 @ ys, Sold: $29.95

Wall-E Candy Catcher Costume
Paid: $2 @ consignment sale, Sold: $34.95

Eeyore Disney Store Costume
Paid: $7 @ consignment sale, Sold: $39.95

Dopey Dwarf Baby Costume
Paid: $6.50 @ consignment store, Sold: $49.95
Rex Adult Costume
Paid: $5 @ ys, Best Offer Accepted: $80
Adult Tigger Costume
Paid: $9 @ consignment sale, Sold: $79.95

Adult Talking Winnie the Pooh Costume
Paid: $15 @ ys, Sold: $97.95

Monday, October 20, 2014

Question: What have you sold on Bonanza?

I took the Bonanza plunge a little over a month ago.  It didn't take long to set up my account, and I allowed the account to pull all of my listing info from eBay.  (I currently have over 1000 active listings on eBay.)  I have a basic, non-subscription Bonanza account.  I haven't done any Bonanza-site-specific listing, nor do I plan to.  My understanding is that Bonanza syncs its info with what I have listed on eBay once every day or two, new listings being added to Bonanza, expired/sold listings being removed. I'm not worried about double selling an item.  I've sold five items on Bonanza so far, and I've been quick to remove each listing from eBay, but I don't worry about removing eBay sales from Bonanza.  If by chance I were to double sell an item I would ship it to the eBay buyer, and figure out how to cancel the transaction on Bonanza. 

Below you will find the five items I've sold on Bonanza so far.  My prices were close to but not exactly what is listed below.  Bonanza encourages (forces?) sellers to offer at least a small discount off eBay prices, as a trade-off for their lower fees.

Pumpkin Carving Book
Paid: $0.25 @ post-Halloween clearance last year, Sold: $10
NWT Disney Finding Nemo Turtle Plush
Paid: $0.25 @ ys, Sold: $10
NWT Little Miss Scary Suction Cup Plush
Paid: $1 @ rummage sale, Sold: $20
NWT Finnegan King of the Leprechauns plush
Paid: $4 @ consignment store, Sold: $30
Historic San Francisco Monopoly
Paid: $3 @ ys, Sold: $50

If you also sell on Bonanza, I'd love to know how long you've been selling there, approx. how many items you may have sold, and what kinds of items the sales have been. Inquiring minds want to know!