Monday, October 20, 2014

Question: What have you sold on Bonanza?

I took the Bonanza plunge a little over a month ago.  It didn't take long to set up my account, and I allowed the account to pull all of my listing info from eBay.  (I currently have over 1000 active listings on eBay.)  I have a basic, non-subscription Bonanza account.  I haven't done any Bonanza-site-specific listing, nor do I plan to.  My understanding is that Bonanza syncs its info with what I have listed on eBay once every day or two, new listings being added to Bonanza, expired/sold listings being removed. I'm not worried about double selling an item.  I've sold five items on Bonanza so far, and I've been quick to remove each listing from eBay, but I don't worry about removing eBay sales from Bonanza.  If by chance I were to double sell an item I would ship it to the eBay buyer, and figure out how to cancel the transaction on Bonanza. 

Below you will find the five items I've sold on Bonanza so far.  My prices were close to but not exactly what is listed below.  Bonanza encourages (forces?) sellers to offer at least a small discount off eBay prices, as a trade-off for their lower fees.

Pumpkin Carving Book
Paid: $0.25 @ post-Halloween clearance last year, Sold: $10
NWT Disney Finding Nemo Turtle Plush
Paid: $0.25 @ ys, Sold: $10
NWT Little Miss Scary Suction Cup Plush
Paid: $1 @ rummage sale, Sold: $20
NWT Finnegan King of the Leprechauns plush
Paid: $4 @ consignment store, Sold: $30
Historic San Francisco Monopoly
Paid: $3 @ ys, Sold: $50

If you also sell on Bonanza, I'd love to know how long you've been selling there, approx. how many items you may have sold, and what kinds of items the sales have been. Inquiring minds want to know!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Consignment Sale Purchases + A Self Imposed Challenge

The consignment sale has started, and I have to say that my first day's sales were NOT stellar.  The sale runs through Saturday, so here's hoping things pick up over the next few days.

I did, however, have some good luck sourcing items for resale, including more costumes, several loveys, a few NWT items, and quite a bit more:

Adult Tigger Costume above
Old Navy toddler costumes below

NWT pea-in-the-pod sleepers (found 2)
NWT blankets

I also picked up several loveys.

So, the truth is that I really didn't *need* to buy more inventory, but it sure can help in the motivation department to get listing again when you've been in a slump.  I still haven't completely shaken off being sick and the momentum that I lost over the last week.  But, since shopping this morning it's coming back.  My plan is to get everything I purchased this morning listed by Friday evening when I can go back for the 50% sale.  (The 50% off sale officially starts on Saturday, but consignors can shop a "pre-sale" the last couple hours on Friday night.)  There were a number of things I left behind today that I remember thinking I would be interested in buying if they were still around at 50% off.  But before I can worry about that, I've got some work to do!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sick, Consignment Sale, and a Disney Par-tay!

Siiiick.  That's been me for the better part of a week.  Not terrible sick, just a whopper of a cold that left me feeling tired, cranky, achy, and unmotivated.  I haven't listed anything new in days.  And my sales are starting to show it.  (AND I am way, way, way, waaaaay behind on my listing goal for the month.)

I started feeling better last night, just in time to get some work done with my consignment inventory.  Thank goodness I had already gotten a bunch of it done a couple weeks ago!  I finished getting things organized today, and will drop off tomorrow.  Pretty much everything I take is non-eBay-worthy-just-wanna-get-rid-of-it.  I price it dirt cheap because I don't want to see it again.  I'll be happy to clear a couple hundred dollars, which I plan to use to pay for my oldest's birthday party that I just booked for next month.

Yay, Halloween!  So many of the sales I have had are Halloween-related.  I think I may sell more Halloween related items in September/October than I do Christmas-related in November/December.  They're just flying out the door.  Here's one of my favorites, because of where it's going:

I just ordered the Disney Rex costume , I just needed to be at my address hopefully by Wednesday October 15 because we are going to Disney world on Friday October 17 for Mickey's Halloween party!! Sorry for the inconvenience , but if you can mail it as soon as possible I would really appreciate it!!!Smiling face with open mouthSmiling face with open mouth

The message makes it sound like it was a rush, but it really wasn't.  It should have gotten there with several days to spare.

On a related note, a week or so before I sold this costume I actually noticed that if you have tickets to the Oct 31st "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" that you can flip them on eBay.  Check out completeds HERE.  The tickets for the 31st are sold out, so I can't tell how much they were originally selling for, but other nights are still available and are selling for around $75 per ticket (+ park admission is my understanding).  Not a cheap night for the family, but it sure sounds like tons of fun!  And I guess buying directly from Disney is a bargain compared to the eBay prices on tickets for the 31st!

I'll do a Halloween-related post at the end of the month that includes more of those sales.  I love selling costumes!  Anybody have a fun Halloween-related sale to share?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

BOLO: Star Lord Costume (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Who saw Guardians of the Galaxy this summer?  We saw it at the drive-in, and my husband and oldest son both loved it.  (I may have slept through a big chunk of it.)  We actually ran across a (much) cheaper version of this costume and picked one up for my oldest.  He is SUPER excited to be Star Lord for Halloween.  But, the Disney Store version is worth a lot more (and is much better made).  I looked on the Disney Store website and it appears that only sizes 3-6 are still in stock, which means the costumes for the older kids are hard to find and in high demand!  Maybe there's a store or two out there that still have a few in stock?  Might be worth checking out if you find yourself near one.  You can find completeds HERE.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

BOLO: Disney Store Lightning McQueen 3D Plush Costume

**photo borrowed from completed eBay listing**

And yet another!  The Disney Store Lightning McQueen 3D Plush Costumes sell well.  Check out completeds HERE.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BOLO: Mrs. Potts Costume (Beauty & the Beast)

Another day, another costume.  Here's a good one to watch out for ~ Mrs. Potts from Beauty & the Beast.  It appears to have been produced for both adults and kids.  Check out completeds HERE.

Monday, October 6, 2014

BOLO: Flounder Costume (The Little Mermaid)

**photo borrowed from eBay listing**

Flounder was Ariel's friend in The Little Mermaid.  The costumes are hard to find, which makes them worth a pretty penny!  The treat bags sell well too.  Check out completeds HERE.