Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's my store anniversary!

I was looking at my eBay account information this afternoon, checking out how I am doing with the new seller standards among other things, when I noticed that today is the 2 year anniversary of my opening a store on eBay!  Wow, how time flies.  It also showed that I've had more than 2500 sales since I started selling.  Opening a store was a good decision for me, and I haven't looked back. 

Happy eBaying!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recent Quick Flips + Rummage Sale L♥ve

I found a bunch of goodies at a rummage sale over the weekend, and am still working my way through it all getting it listed.  But, I've already had two of my rummage sale items sell, making back almost half of what I spent that day, and I have SO many more items from that haul yet to sell.  

Worn Brand Men's Corduroy Pants
Paid: $2 @ rummage sale, Sold: $24.95 (within a couple hours)
NWT Kohl's Wocket Plush
Paid: $0.50 @ rummage sale, Sold: $14.95 (day after listed)
And here are a few more fairly quick flips:

Annie Little Einsteins Bean Bag Plush
Paid: $1.50 @ local consignment store, Sold: $14.95 (6 days later)

I love buying and selling Dr. Seuss book lots, but this was a good reminder that the board book lots don't sell for as much as the hardcover book lots do.  My profit on this sale was really low.

Dr. Seuss Board Book Lot
Paid: Around $4, Sold: $14.95 (8 days later)

And I think I should have priced a little higher on this one.

Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Set
Paid: $8? from FB ys site, Sold: $39.95 (day after listed)

A couple weeks ago I happened across a yard sale on the way home from my
son's school.  They were selling all shirts for $0.25 and all pants for $0.50.

Women's Neeso Camo Pants
Paid: $0.50 @ ys, Sold: $14.95 (17 days later)

I love finding these "train conductor" style overalls.

OshKosh striped "train conductor" overalls
Paid: $0.50 @ ys, Sold: $15.95 (4 days later)

 I thought these were really cute!

GS115 Distressed Jeans, Size 3T
Paid: $0.50 @ ys, Sold: $19.95 (7 days later)
Electric Purple Fit Flops
Paid: $5.99 @ VV, Sold: $64.95 + $25 shipping to Australia (3 days later)
Baby Blue Disneyland Mug
Paid: $2.99 @ GW, Sold: $29.95 (8 days later)

How have your sales been this month?  April has been a bit weird for me sales-wise.  It started off busy, and then slowed down to almost nothing for several days, then picked back up to normal yesterday.  Here's hoping the sales continue!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Game on!

I am going to call this the official start of the yard saling season around here!  We have had beautiful weather for the last week.  Yay, sunshine!  Today there was a rummage sale at my son's school.  I took my oldest and went to check it out.  I got a h-a-u-l.  A Jeep full.  I know I will need to be more discerning in the future - I got a little carried away because everything was so inexpensive, and I hadn't been to a big sale in a LONG time!  So many goodies.  We also stopped by three yard sales that were conveniently located near our house on the way home.  Here are a few of the finds that I have photographed and am in the process of listing so far:

BIG Animal Planet plush dog.
He barks when you tug on the frisbee.
Paid: $2.
BIG Dan Dee Pink Poodle
Paid: $2
Dan Dee Bunny/Chicken Plush
Sings "Chicken Dance" and moves
Paid: $1
Thomas Kinkade Cross Stitch
Opened but unused
Paid: $0.25
I picked up several games, some still sealed like this one.
Paid: $1/each
I also picked up pbk books for several lots.
Paid: 3/$1

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, and not even the best stuff.  I bought a LOT of clothes that I want to put through the washer.  A couple Ugly Christmas Sweaters, a bunch of Columbia Sportswear items.  A bunch more plush, a costume, a couple Christmas decorations, a vintage cassette tape holder that I brought home for a quarter and realized was full of cassettes (some still sealed).  And a box of BIG vintage transformers that I may just let my boys keep and won't look up to see how much money I am missing out on so I won't have a minor panic attack when one gets broken.  

Also, I found this for a quarter and brought it home to give my husband a laugh:

I am one of the many who LOVED this show,
and then the finale a couple weeks ago kinda ruined it for me.

The JBF sale is going on here this weekend.  I didn't consign, and haven't even stopped by to shop yet.  But, I am planning to hit the half price sale tomorrow morning.  Here's hoping I find some more goodies, and even more, that I get them all listed in the upcoming week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

96 Days + a *possible* BOLO

Yesterday was my first day in 2014 without a single sale on eBay.  Which, looking at the positive, means I had 96 straight days of sales!  Probably my longest streak ever.  (I've never actually tried keeping track before.)  And, thankfully, sales have already picked up again today.

So, here's a *possible* BOLO.  I stopped at a small local thrift on the coast while on Spring Break and came across the following:

Not just one VHS tape, but 20 of them.  The price tag said $25 for the whole set.  Unfortunately, I did not have cell reception in the store, so I wasn't able to look them up.  Oh, how I now wish I had gone outside, looked them up, and went directly back into the store to purchase them.  But I didn't.  And when I finally made it back there several days later they were, of course, already gone.

So, here's why I say they are a *possible* BOLO.  It seems there were at least two seasons.  The first has been released on DVD.  The second has not.  So, the VHS for the first season aren't selling for much, but the VHS for the second can go for a LOT.  If you do come across them at some point I would recommend looking them up to make sure the second season hasn't been released on DVD.  If/when that happens the VHS value will immediately drop.

Here are some current Amazon VHS listings.  If you look at the volume numbers you'll notice that the higher the volume number = the higher the price tag (usually).

And completeds on eBay.

Happy hunting! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Does anybody buy air pillows?

I am looking for a recommendation as to where to buy them.  I've looked a few places online and they seem SO expensive!  As sales increase I can no longer really rely on my random mix of recycled packaging supplies, and I am now moving towards buying most of my supplies.  I love using the air pillows, but jeez, they aren't cheap!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quick Flips, Monthly Wrap-Up + Goals

March was a good month for me eBay-wise, even being gone for an entire week over Spring Break.  I met my listing goal again this month (and now have over 800 listings in my store, an all-time high).  I've consistently been selling over 100 items per month, and making my monetary goal of $50+/day.  I do want to eventually get up to 1000 listings in my store, and then just maintain that level.  BUT I think it's finally (past) time to also focus some of my attention on Amazon.  So, my goal is to send two shipments into FBA by the end of the month.  I've never used FBA before, so I'm feeling intimidated by it.  But, I know that if I do it once, it will be so much easier to do it again and again.  And I'm hoping for a little positive peer pressure, because now I will have to report back at the end of the month as to what I've actually accomplished.

On the eBay front, I am planning to get at least 150 new listings up.

Here are a few of my quicker flips from the last couple weeks.

Build-A-Bear Indians Baseball Uniform
Paid: $2ish including bear, Sold: $19.95 (5 days later)

My 6yo has a pair of Keens he l-o-v-e-s, and I thought about saving these for him.  But, the size is still a few years away.  I decided to price them a bit higher than anything else listed to make it worth giving them up.

Green Boys Keen Sandals
Paid: 3ish @ VV, Sold: $39.95 (13 days later)

My oldest used to be obsessed with Thomas, but he's well past that phase now.  I held onto the trains for my youngest, but he completely skipped the train phase and moved directly on to super heroes and Star Wars (to keep up with big brother).  So, kind of sadly, I've started listing a few.

2 Diecast Thomas Easter Cars
Paid: ?, Sold: $15.95 (4 days later)
Ferdinand + Tender Wooden Train
Paid: an obscene amount at "Day Out With Thomas",
Sold: $12.95 (3 days later)

And looky what already sold!

Uno Hearts
Paid: $2ish @ ys, Sold: $54.95 (26 days later)

Friday, March 28, 2014

The dreaded deed is DONE

Taxes, ugh.  Could it be anything else?  

We've been away for Spring Break for the last week, which was lovely, but as soon as we got back last night there was no more procrastination.  I had to get our tax paperwork together.  I used to do our taxes, years ago when they were fairly simple.  But, as my husband's job has progressed, taxes have gotten much more complicated.  We have to file taxes in every state his company operates in.  Something to do with stocks.  It's confusing, and something I want no part of, so we now have our taxes done by a professional, thank goodness.  And now, of course, eBay is also added to the mix.  AND our tax guy who we've used for years retired after last year.  Sounds like it could have been a real mess, but the new guy seemed completely unfazed by it all.  Phew.

I know I do it to myself, all the tax stress and not keeping my records quite as orderly as I should.  Then it becomes a race against time to whip it back into shape.  Here's my new tax year's resolution:  take a minute each evening before I start listing to enter any receipts, mileage, etc.  (Don't let them pile up until I have to wade through several months backlog!)

And here's a question for you:  

Do you have a fabulous way to keep track of what's already sold in your inventory?  I keep track of what I've bought, but it is so.much.harder. for me to keep track of what has sold.  I even purchased a handy dandy inventory spreadsheet, but going back in time to find where I originally listed each item to then update the line item to sold . . . I have enough items listed (I broke 800 this month!) that it can be a time consuming needle in a haystack type hunt trying to find the right line item.  Is this even making sense?  Does anyone have a solution that works for them?  Please share!