Monday, September 22, 2014

How I plan to pay for Christmas

(This post contains a referral link.)

Everybody uses Swagbucks, right?  (If not you can sign up HERE.)  I have been a casual Swagbucker (aka Swaggernaut) for several years.  Over those years I have earned hundreds(!) of dollars in Amazon gift cards.  You can earn a lot of different things with Swagbucks, Amazon gift cards just happen to be my favorite.  I earned the Swagbucks for those gift cards at a fairly slow pace, around $15 per month.  BUT I've upped my game in the last week or two thanks to Louis @ Thrifting For A Living. He did a series on his blog about the different ways to increase the amount of Swagbucks you earn.  Most of his tips can be used by anyone with internet access.  I also adopted several that are especially helpful if you have a smartphone and access to Wifi.  Prior to reading his blog I only did the activities he covers in Part 1 of his Swagbucks series.  Now I am accumulating enough Swagbucks to earn the equivalent of a $5 gift card every 3 days.  I know, $5 every 3 days doesn't sound like a whole lot.  But, over the course of a month it will add up to around $50.  My plan is to let my rewards accumulate, and by the time I am ready to do the bulk of my Christmas shopping, it won't have to come out of my pocket.  Happy dance!  I am really pleased with how easy the tips were to follow, and how dramatically my earnings have increased.  Whether you're brand new to Swagbucks, or are a casual user like I was, I suggest you check out his tips here if you haven't already.  Thanks Louis!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

BOLO ~ Handy Manny Toolbox

Handy Manny Toolbox
Paid: $2 @ ys, Sold: $44.95 (in less than a day)

I love finding Handy Manny toolboxes.  This is the full-size version for kids to pack around (there is also a mini version for a Handy Manny doll to "work" with).  I pick them up even if they aren't complete, and piece them out as replacements.  There aren't many listed on eBay right now so I could have held out a bit and gotten even more (especially with Christmas approaching), but I decided to go for a quick flip and priced it in line with what was already listed.  It sold in less than 24 hours.  Here's a link to completeds for toolboxes and more.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Customer Stories

Here for your enjoyment is the next installment of customer stories (mostly made up of messages I received from buyers in response to an e-mail I sent letting them know that their package had been shipped).

I appreciate it. I happen to work in a school as a secretary and I put this set on the front counter as a display, everyone who has come in over the summer has commented how adorable it is. Can't wait for everyone to see it on the 1st day back to school next week.
This is a replacement for my son's that he lost ;) thank you!
Thanks for letting me know! Very excited to have found this one. :)
It looks like one my real horses. Thanks!
Thank you very much. :0). Sure fire way for us to have known we were going to have
another kido is when we gave away all the baby stuff. It begins again haha.
Thank you! I'll let you know when it arrives. I bought a claw foot iron base (Rand McNally, I think) a few weeks back on line and it takes a 6" globe. I know it is the wrong age, but it will look great on the den bookshelves.
Thank you. I am a Big Time dog lover and Scooby Doo's oldest and biggest fan!
I collect anything and everything with Scooby Doo on it.
Awesome! Thank you :)
We're excited to add it to our baby girl's soft book collection
wow, thank you soo much. got twin boys so I will have M-F covered!
THANK YOU!!! And thank you SO much for working with me on the price!
We had this book in paperback but it has had so much use from my 1st born that
it completely came apart. It is my second son's favorite as well so I wanted to replace it.
They will both be so happy! :)
Thank you! I'm looking forward to playing with these with our grandchildren!
Have a great day!
The sweater arrived, and it's beautiful !! Not even close to an Ugly Sweater !!
Love it, it fits perfect, and I look forward to wearing it this winter ! Thank you !
Thank you so much! My sister is going to love him!
She is 71 and currently carries a moose backpack, as her purse,
but she is a huge Eeyore fan. Thank you for having him!
Thank you so much! You don't have any idea how much this mug means to me. I took a 3 month road trip around America in 2012 and wound up in the Grand Canyon where i purchased this beautiful mug. I enjoyed it all the way to San Diego where I accidentally knocked it out of my van into the parking lot at the beach. It is so hard to find a GOOD "4 finger handled mug" in the first place and I've been searching for this very mug ever since, but now you have made me so very happy. This mug will never leave my house! Can't wait!!! Thanks again!

Monday, September 1, 2014

August Recap, Fast Flips + September Goals

It's been awhile since I did a recap of how long it took for items to sell within any given month.  I had over 100 sales in August, and this was the breakdown of what month each of the items sold was originally listed in:

Listed in August, 2014:  21
Listed in July, 2014:  21
Listed in June, 2014:  11

Listed in May, 2014: 7
Listed in April, 2014:  2
Listed in March, 2014:  5
Listed in February, 2014: 4
Listed in January, 2014: 3
Listed in December, 2013:   3
Listed in November, 2013: 7
Listed in October, 2013: 6
Listed prior to October, 2013: 15

Halloween-related sales: 10
Christmas-related sales: 2

Best Offers Accepted:  16

I still think almost everything will sell . . . eventually.  

And Halloween sales are really picking up already.  Get those costumes listed if you haven't already!

I met my listing goal for August . . . with half an hour to spare.  This month has reinforced how important it is for me to keep track of my new listings with a ticker.  For a week or so early in the month the ticker website was not working correctly, and I had to try to keep a mental tally of how many new listings I had.  It was a challenge!  I was so glad when the website started working again.  Then at the end of the month I could tell I was cutting it close as to whether or not I would reach my listing goal.  It definitely motivated me to list more than I would have otherwise.

My goal for September is 150 new listings.


Here are a few of my faster flips this month:

Folkmanis Frog Puppet
Paid: $0.50 @ ys, Sold: $24.95 (1 day later)
Rocket (Little Einsteins) Pull-Back Toy
Paid: $1 @ rummage sale, Sold: $15.95 (same day as listed)
Rocket (Little Einsteins) Plush
Paid: $1 @ rummage sale, Sold: $14.95 (3 days later)
Old Navy Pink Puffer Jacket, Size 18-24 Months
Paid: $0.50 @ ys, Sold: $14.95 (7 days later)
Puma Toddler Shoes
Paid: $1 @ ys, Sold: $17.95 (3 days later)
Eeyore Plush Backpack
Paid: $2 @ rummage sale, Sold: $39.95 (15 days later)
GAP Maternity Skirt, Size 10
Paid: $1, Sold: $18.95 (20 days later)
Columbia Men's Shorts
Paid: $1 @ ys, Sold: $14.95 + shipping to Canada (6 days later)
Nike Athletic 2XL Shirt
Paid: $1 @ ys, Sold: $21.95 (1 day later)
Pink Honey Bunny Lovey
Paid: $1ish @ ys, Sold: $29.95 (19 days later)
4 Build-A-Bear Gingerbread Men & Women
Paid: $2 ($0.50/ea) @ ys, Sold: $59.95 (1 month later)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

BOLO: Organic Jeans

Paid: $1 @ ys; Sold: $49.95 (next day)

Am I the only one who didn't know there was such a thing as organic jeans?  I was going through a stack of pants at a yard sale a couple weeks ago and this tag caught my eye:


To be honest, I don't really understand what it means.  Organic Air Wash?  Size 30?  But I figured they were worth more than the $1 they were asking, so I picked them up.  When I was getting ready to list them I couldn't find any like them listed anywhere.  So, I wrote exactly what the tag said, included measurements, and picked a price out of thin air.  Some organic jeans sell for a lot more (COMPLETEDS HERE).  Should I have listed mine for more?  Probably.  But turning $1 into $50 in one day?  I'm happy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

UPDATE: (Leaving) Negative Feedback (Guilt)

In case you missed it, I've been dealing with a crummy seller, mentioned HERE.

So I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is that I did get a response from the seller later in the day on Monday in regards to the case I opened.  He agreed to a full refund, which just came through.  He also sent me this lovely message:

Seller's note:
"Yeah sorry about the late response. My computer took a crap on me and I had to replace windows. I issued your refund today, it should show up tomorrow."

He's really got a way with words, doesn't he?

The bad news is that eBay is not letting me leave any kind of feedback for him, negative or otherwise.  When I try it just comes up with an error.  Sigh.

Monday, August 18, 2014

(Leaving) Negative Feedback (Guilt)

I am so annoyed with a seller right now. He only sells one thing, and had a bunch listed. The listing prominently boasts: Free Next Day Priority Mail With Tracking!  

Fast forward to:

Aug 5:  Purchase item.

Aug 11:  E-mail seller asking for tracking number because I don't see anything indicating my item has been shipped.

Aug 11:  Receive e-mail from seller asking if I want a refund or if I still want the purchased item? And if I still want the purchased item to send him my address and he will send the package out.

Aug 11:  E-mail seller saying I still want my item, provide address.

Aug 13:  E-mail seller again asking if my item has been shipped.

Aug 14:  Receive e-mail saying seller has run out of stock. "Please give me your purchase date and full name so I can make refund."

Aug 14:  I respond (rather annoyed) with the requested info.

Aug 18:  Still no refund or any further communication from the seller.  (!!!!!)  I just opened a case in hopes of actually getting my money back.  I am really annoyed now.

I am feeling really tempted to leave negative feedback.  Sellers like this give us all a bad name.  

But then on the other hand, I feel bad thinking about giving negative feedback because I wouldn't want someone to give it to me.  

But on the other other hand, if someone contacted me with an issue I would have figured out what had happened ASAP, and wouldn't let in hang around unresolved two weeks later.